This website is the online manifestation of Pretty Planet Project, a company which sells images related to nature, travel and adventure sports. Other services include writings about these subjects as well as escorting tours.

The search engine of the website helps finding the images visitors are looking for. Enter a keyword (or tag) and - when available - related images will pop up. My key-wording of animal names in English, Latin, Dutch, German, Spanish and French is intended to facilitate your search.

For samples and inspiration one can also click on the subjects in the image collection. This portfolio gives you an idea of what Pretty Planet Projects is about.

The blog has a written record and images of some of my latest adventures as a photographer and traveler.

Publications lists my work as a (photo-)journalist.

This website is also an invitation to enjoy the stunning beauty of the earth and to help preserve it. By showing the huge variety of ways of life, life-forms and landscapes on our planet, it is hoped to make visitors understand the richness of our world and to stimulate them protecting it. The image collection is partly created to show this. As such, some of the pictures in the image collection are displayed because they are examples of the world’s rich biodiversity per se and not because it is the best possible photo of that specific life-form.

Owner Derk Beltman (1965) studied History and English and has been working as a tour guide around the world since 1997. Since the 1970s he has been taking pictures, each year becoming more professional in this field. He has been writing articles since the 1990s. In his words:” travel made me much more aware of the beauties of nature and the need to preserve them. It also showed me the differences and similarities between people living on the planet, which challenged my preconceptions.” Derk lives in the Netherlands.